Building Automation and Energy Management Controls Specialists

Panco, Inc. is a company that specializes in the installation, integration and operation of Building Automation controls and Energy Management Control systems. We design custom solutions for our customers' needs and specifications. Our highly qualified staff has extensive experience in serving commercial, industrial and institutional customers throughout the continental United States.

Building Management

Our systems allow our customers to monitor their buildings, and that ability enables them to keep their maintenance routines more efficient. Less manpower is required to keep their infrastructure working properly, and they are able to detect specific problems within that infrastructure and address those concerns before they become overwhelming. Also, the operators of the buildings can rest easy knowing that they can see just how their equipment is running at any given time.

Energy Management

For many years, the price of energy has steadily risen. Recently, that cost has sky-rocketed. For organizations such as school districts and other publicly-funded institutions, finding ways to save money has become an absolute necessity. Our systems have the ability to run our customers' equipment only when necessary. That means if the equipment is not running no energy is being consumed. For the environmentally conscious or those on a tight budget, this translates to resource conservation and financial savings.